Hand Care…It’s A Thing

Some would say using hand cream isn’t for men. Others would say it’s necessary. And if you have dry, weatherworn or cracked skin, well, it just makes good sense. To rub in a little moisture in that is. According to the experts at Featuring…You Spa & Salon in Toronto, daily hand care is as important as following a facial skincare regime. It keeps your skin soft and supple, prevents aging and can help eliminate hangnails, flaking and general discomfort. Here’s why.

Your Hormones
For starters, your hormones are constantly changing. Sure you won’t see these results on a day-to-day basis, but over time, the same way crows feet pop up around your eyes, lines due to dehydration and wear and tear emerge on your hands, belying your age and your overall skin’s health. The backs of your hand are the first place on your body where aging occurs often in the form of brown spots and a chapped, dry look and feel. “Hormonal changes result in a loss of elasticity and volume on the back of our hands,” affirm the experts at Featuring…You Spa & Salon.“These changes make veins look very prominent, can cause brittle nails and give skin a dry, crepe-y appearance.”

The Environment
If you spend time outdoors, whether it’s shovelling the walk, not wearing gloves on a brisk commute to the subway or playing sports in an outdoor field can all have an impact on your skin. “Plus, cumulative sun exposure over the years can lead to pigmentation (a.k.a: brown spots),” add the experts at Featuring…You Spa & Salon. “And the best fix is to protect, correct and nourish hands with daily use of a hand cream.”

Manual Labour
Fixed the plumbing in your bathroom lately or maybe you’ve painted the living room walls or built a set of shelves in your bedroom. Regardless of whether you work construction for your pay cheque of simply like to DIY around the house, the first place you’ll see the results of your labour (beside the new bookshelf you’ve just made from scratch) is on your hands. “You need to stimulate cell renewal, improve the tone, volume and texture of the skin,” advise the experts at Featuring…You Spa & Salon. “And the best way to do so is by applying a cream specially formulated to fight dehydration, make fingernails less brittle, reduce fine lines and the appearance of brown spots. It’s your best resource.”

The Fix
While using some sort of moisturizer is better than using none at all, key ingredients like retinol keep skin moist and peptides along with other ingredients such as B vitamins relax muscles and boost collagen production to keep the skin on your hands smooth. Vitamin C and glycolic acid help treat age spots, wrinkling and loss of elasticity, while alpha- and beta-hydroxy acids to gently exfoliate your skin. Look for products that also include emollients such as honey, aloe vera and shea butter to soften your skin and lock moisture in.

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