How To Find The Perfect Gift For Your Significant Other

Searching the malls for the perfect holiday gift? (Photo: Shutterstock)

With the holiday season fast approaching you’re going to have to start thinking about what to get your wife or girlfriend. Not sure where to start? We’re sharing our tips for how to find the perfect present (i.e. something she’ll love and not shove in the back of the closet).


The key to knowing exactly what to get your wife or girlfriend is to listen to her. Take note of the things she says she needs but never manages to buy for herself. Write them down and refer to them when it’s time to shop for a gift. The more you pay attention throughout the year to things she says she wants – a new jacket, a better case for her laptop, that really pretty bracelet she always oohs and aahs over – take note and shop armed with a list of items you already know she’ll love.

Learn what she likes

What are her go-to wines? What colours does she gravitate towards when shopping? How would you describe her sense of style? Knowing what she likes is necessary when picking out the perfect gift. Just because you like something doesn’t mean it will fly with her. Watch her, ask her questions and take a peek inside her closet to get a better sense of what will most appeal to her.

Choose something personal

Generic gifts are fine for a co-worker or someone you don’t know that well. But for a significant other, the gift she’ll remember is one that’s personal. Think of something the two of you love to do together or base your gift around a favorite memory you have. Whether it’s a framed photo from your first vacation, or everything she’ll need for your first snowboarding trip this winter, a gift with some thought and sentimentality will always win you points.

Check her size before you buy

Never assume you know someone’s, especially when that someone is a woman. The last thing you need is for her to try something on and have it be too small. This will ruin Christmas. Check her size and if in doubt, don’t buy it.

Be creative

Gift giving should be fun, so let yourself get creative with the process. Rather than getting her a sweater, think about how you can surprise her. What would make her laugh (in a good way) when she opens the box? Use your imagination and try to come up with a gift that is useful, but that still has a sense of fun.

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