How To Not Sweat The Switch To Natural Deodorant

There are lots of reasons to swap your current deodorant or antiperspirant to a more natural option. Maybe your skin gets itchy and irritated by chemicals and fragrance, so you’re looking for a more natural approach. You might be cutting back on the number of ingredients you rub onto your skin each day. Or perhaps, your mom told you to. Whatever ruling factor is leading you to your choice, embrace it and then follow the advice from the experts at natural skin and haircare brand MooGoo to find out how to make the natural deodorant swap as seamless as possible.

Step 1. Detox
Know that swapping your current deodorant for an aluminum and phthalate-free natural option, like MooGoo’s Fresh Cream Deodorant, is going to be a somewhat stinky and sweaty process. But it’s temporary. “We hear from a few customers who start using our natural deodorant, thinking that the deodorant isn’t working. This is usually because they’re not used to sweating at all and haven’t adjusted yet,” explain the MooGoo experts. “Let’s be clear here, deodorants don’t stop you from sweating! Some also let us know that they’ve become a bit smelly. While this sounds bad, it’s actually a good thing. It means that your sweat glands are starting to detoxify after being clogged up for so many years.  Like rehab for your armpits, it may not be pleasant but it’s the best thing for them.” And know, the sweaty-smelly period won’t last.

Step 2. Wait
Like any new product, whether it’s a face cream, anti-acne treatment, night serum, teeth-whitening toothpaste or otherwise, you have to give it 14 days to see a difference. So of course the same rule applies with a natural deodorant. “There’s a transition period of about two weeks as the body adjusts to the new glorious freedom of natural deodorant,” affirm the MooGoo experts. “In that time, to help your body get a handle on the BO, we recommend reapplying up to three times throughout the day. Once your body has adjusted to the deodorant, you can go back to applying in the morning, once a day.”

Step 3. Sweat
Your body naturally secretes toxins through your sweat glands. It’s what they do. If the ingredients in a chemical and/or aluminum-based deodorant were previously blocking your sweat glands, you may experience heavier or more frequent sweating than usual. “The only way those toxins are coming out is through your sweat,” say the experts at MooGoo. “If you work out often and intensely during your [chemical to natural deodorant] purge, you’ll find that the transition will be much quicker.”

Step 4. Persevere
Creating change is often challenging, yet can also be incredibly worthwhile. So if swapping your former deodorant for a natural one is important to you, then stick it out to reap the rewards. “We encourage you not to give up after a few days,” say the MooGoo experts. “You’ll be glad you made the swap away from antiperspirants and their unknown long-term effects. Sweat is sadly just misunderstood. Just think of it as a friendly cleaner who just wants to clean your house (your body) and remove all your toxins.”

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