Justin Bieber Launches New Streetwear Line

Above: Justin Bieber rocks a drew shirt beside Hailey Baldwin

Another music superstar is throwing their hat into the streetwear ring and this time we’re not *clears thorat* sorry about it. If you didn’t already pick up on that pun and for some reason clicked on this article without reading the headline, we’re talking about Stratford, Ontario’s favourite son, Justin Bieber.

Earlier this year, Mr. Hailey Baldwin teased a forthcoming venture in the fashion world and judging from those few short looks, it looked like a playful take on casual wear. Now, and after some clever guerrilla marketing, the Purpose singer is unleashing his very first capsule.

Armed with the extremely normcore title, Drew, Bieb’s debut collection embraces simplistic pieces with monochromatic vibes. The line’s smiley face logo looks to pull everything together and is reminiscent of another very popular streetwear collective, Chinatown Market.

Thankfully, and unlike most celebrity-designed gear, Justin’s Drew brand is actually affordable. The first wave of merchandise begins retailing at around $50. You can take a peek at select items below via Instagram.


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