Fragrance Of The Month: Paco Rabanne Pure XS EDT

Is it really any surprise that Spanish designer Paco Rabanne has named one of his fragrances Pure XS? And no, the two-letter acronym doesn’t stand for extra small.  After all, this is the same designer who made headlines and fashion history by crafting sexy women’s couture from aluminum, plastic and chain mail. The XS, in fact, represents the words excess and sex, much like they did in 1993 when it’s predecessor fragrance Paco Rabaane XS was first launched.

This incarnation of the original eau’s woody armomatic blend replete in herbal, citrus, spicy and woody notes, is similarly fresh and tart on first spritz while wafting a unique and intoxicating brew as the scent alternates between heating up and cooling down on your skin.

First, icy ginger is swirled into oozing sap and biting thyme before plunging into a spicy and warm pool of hot cinnamon. The entire elixir is then poured into sultry vanilla with erotic leather and sweet liquor for an indulgent and carnal finish. A final dusting of myrrh and sugar complete the scent, much like the proverbial cherry on top. The overall effect is a juxtaposition of hot and cold, gentle and intense and explosive and seductive. And it’s all captured in a sleek and multi-faceted, heavy glass flacon washed in a dark navy blue to clear ombre.

Paco Rabanne Pure XS EDT comes in 50ml for $80 and 100 ml for $105, available at Sephora stores across Canada.

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