Product Hype: IV Skincare Infusion Serum

You may have been made in Canada or possibly somewhere else. But now that you are here and your skin is experiencing the Great White North’s range of climates, your skin needs to fall in line. Obviously the best way to do so is to add a home-grown serum, like IV Skincare Infusion Serum into your daily repertoire, because after all, who else but a Canuck-built brand can understand your every need.

Fuelled with chia, blueberry, strawberry and sea buckthorn oils, this powerful health-inducer protects your face from the every-changing environment (whether you’re on Vancouver Island or the shores of PEI), promotes circulation, is rich in vitamins C and E and nourishes, smooths and strengthens your dermis with amino acids and beta carotene. Just three or four drops applied on clean skin before your moisturizer and bedtime every night will have you waking up with hydrated and younger looking skin.

If that isn’t enough, founder and Calgarian Sonja’s (a former Yugoslavian gal), green approach to skincare will have you changing the way you look at yourself in mirror. Because let’s face it, when you know you’re doing good by helping protect the environment and your skin, well it’s a game changer, one every man needs to make for himself.

IV Skincare Infusion Serum, $65 for 30 ml available online at

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