Brow Wax Strips For Men: Wax On, Wax Off

Repeat after me: unicycles on city streets aren’t cool, they’re dangerous. Unicorns are cute, if you’re a six-year-old little girl. University is a smart choice for everyone, so sign up. Unibrows are unattractive, shudder-worthy and a sure fire way to keep you single. So what are you doing about yours?

Don’t say nothing. At least not when there are hair removal options like Andmetics Men’s Brow Wax Strips easily accessible at drugstores across the country.

Inexpensive and DIY, you can contour and remove all of your unwanted eyebrow hair, especially that patch in the middle of your forehead that’s joining what should be two into one, quickly, easily and in the privacy of your own bathroom. Foolproof with their ergonomically pre-shaped waxing strips, all you have to do is read the instructions, position the wax strips in place, press them firmly against your skin/hair and pull. Remove any leftover wax, while calming your skin with the enclosed wipe. Take another look in the mirror for stray hairs, quickly pluck them away with a pair of tweezers and you’re done.

Or maybe you’re just getting started. Because once you’re left with silky smooth skin and eye-framing arches all there’s left to do is line up your weekend dates.

Andmetics Men’s Brow Wax Strips, $12.99 available at drugstores across Canada and online at

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