Klothed App: Helping Men Be Their Own Stylists

A new app has recently launched in Canada to help make it easier for men to shop and buy clothes that they know will look good (and fit properly) without ever having to step into a store. Sound like the perfect solution to all your wardrobe conundrums? Then you need to download Klothed.

The idea behind the Klothed app is to create a customizable tool to help men style themselves. The app allows users to create a unique profile that reflects their body shape and size. Then users can try on clothes to ensure proper fit and to make sure the items they pair together look good. Having doubt? The app also allows you to share items and outfits to get a second opinion from your friends. You can even share your profile to let other Klothed users (your partner, your mom, your best friend) put together outfits for you. Then with the click of a button you can buy those items and have them shipped to you. Just follow the easy steps to a better wardrobe.

1. Download the Klothed App.
2. Take a selfie using the camera tool or choose from one of the images in the preloaded faces library.
3. Select a body shape and skin tone that resemble your own. This allows you to make the app customized to you and ensure proper fits.
4. Select a mix of labels from our curated collections. New labels and brands are being added all the time as the app grows.
5. Share if you want to with others for a second opinion.
6. Plan what you’re going to wear, save outfits and simply click to purchase new ones.

The Klothed app is available to download for Canadian customers only at this time through Apple’s App Store.

Christian Dare

Christian Dare spent much of his formative years working in the fashion industry as a Visual Manager before pursuing a Masters’ Degree in Design. He is the Principal at Christian Dare Creative, the co-founder of Stylist Box and runs a successful men’s lifestyle blog, Christian Dare Edited,focusing on menswear, interior design and craft cocktails. You can find him online at www.christiandareedited.com or follow him on Twitter @christiandare but he is more fun on Instagram christian_dare. 

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