Spring Clean Your Closet

Above: Tips to get your closet in shape for spring

It’s that time of the year – time to spring clean your closet. But don’t worry; with the right plan of action and a bottle of bourbon it will be light work. Just remember, a messy closet makes for a messy mind. Here is the rundown on how to get it done quickly and efficiently

Time to try on

This may seem like the obvious step but when was the last time you tried everything on? Invite over an honest friend – second opinions always help.  Now make some cocktails and start the process. Try to think of the process methodically; first try on all your suits, then shirts, then pants…. Look at how they fit and be honest about it. Does it make you feel good? If not, consider donating it. Is it a style that is no longer in style (pleated pants, boxy blazers)? Is it worth altering? If not, donate it.  As you go along the process will get easier.

Follow the two-year rule

This is a fairly standard rule. If you haven’t worn it in two years, you should get rid of it. Yes, we all know that fashion is cyclical but the next time those pleated pants come back in they will be in a different shape and cut, so toss them now.  If you really love it or it has sentimental value, consider having it re-cut or altered by a good tailor.

Make piles and keep garbage bags handy

When sifting through your clothes, you should be splitting them into four groups: winter, spring/summer, throw out and charity donations. Keeping garbage bags handy by will speed up the process.

Give your old clothes to charity

Instead of throwing away clothes that still have life in them, you should give them away. There are many people out there who can put those garments to good use and many of those charities will pick up right from your door.

Next you need to classify your closet

Invest in new hangers (all wooden are great) and place your wardrobe in groupings by item and colour. This will make getting ready in the morning much faster. Stop into a store that specializes in closet organizing and see if there are extras you can invest in to make your storage more efficient. Consider some cedar hang rings – they will keep your closet fresh and moth free.

Check your basics

This is the time to check those t-shirts and look for holes and sweat stains. Do the same with your socks and underwear. This is the time to get rid of the old and update with some new ones. Trust us, your girlfriend will thank you for it.

Remember to never store your shoes with your clothes

The possible smells from your shoes will transfer your clothing. It’s just that simple.

Store your winter clothing and boots

Storing your winter clothes will give you extra room in your closet. But you have to take the time before you store them to ensure they will be fresh and ready when the snow comes back.

Wash all your winter clothes and dry clean your winter jacket

This is an essential step before you can store your clothes; you don’t want stains or funky smells to set in and linger. Check for stains and pre treat them. Don’t forget about your winter accessories and smaller items (gloves, hats and scarves) as those can also harbor some nasty aromas. Clean it all.Take your winter coat in for a proper dry cleaning before you hang it up for the summer months. Find a nice moth-free storage space – this can be accomplished with cedar hangers. Store them in cotton garment bags and on wooden hangers to help keep the shape.

Clean your winter shoes and boots

Anyone who’s trudged through slush knows that footwear takes a beating in the winter months. This is the time to clean them before you store them; make sure to remove all the salt stains before storing them. Now, use a cotton cloth or shoe brush and make sure you polish or put leather conditioner on them. Once this is done, stuff them with newspaper to keep their form and then store them in shoeboxes. d. Store everything in one place and mark your containers. You will want your clothes to be easy to find and access when you need them in a few months or if an unexpected trip comes up. For this very reason, try designating one particular space for off-season clothing storage; this can be the back of a closet or consider under bed storage containers.

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