Woman Crush Wednesday: Britt Robertson

Name: Brittany Robertson

Birthdate: April 18, 1990

Birthplace: Charlotte, North Carolina

Claim to fame: While Britt Robertson hasn’t quite landed on a bona-fide “claim to fame” moment just yet, there have been numerous important steps along the way: like when she played Steve Carrel’s daughter, Cara, in the film Dan in Real Life. Or the two different CW shows she played the lead, Life Unexpected and The Secret Circle. There was also the well-received teen movie, The First Time, which further cemented her likeability on the big screen.

What we can see her in next: 2015 is gearing up to be her big breakout year: she stars opposite Clint Eastwood’s son in The Longest Ride releasing on April 10, the latest screen-adaptation from a Nicholas Spark’s novel, Tomorrowland releasing at the end of May, in which she stars opposite George Clooney, as well as Cook opposite Eddie Murphy, set to release later this year.

Interesting fact: She had to grow up a really age, primarily for the fact she’s lived in LA all by herself since the age of 16.

Best quote: “I’ve gone to prom multiple times, had fights with the principal, a relationship with my teacher. When people ask if I wish I had gone to high school, I tell them that I’ve acted all of that stuff out, and it doesn’t seem like fun.”

Why we love her: Britt Robertson is our WCW this week. She’s a young, talented actress who should become one of the young breakout stars in 2015. She’s basically a lock since she’s starring opposite George Clooney in his latest film, Tomorrowland. I mean, we all remember what happened to Shailene Woodley after The Descendants — Clooney endorsed her talent and skill as an actress over and over again in various interviews. This is basically code to casting directors: hire her for your movie now as she is going to be the next big thing.

While it doesn’t hurt to get the Clooney stamp of approval as you climb your way up the Hollywood ladder, Britt Robertson would probably be fine without it. She’s been steadily working in the business for the last decade (she has lived by herself in LA ever since she was 16) and is now transitioning into adult roles and shedding her child (teen) actor past. Some of those bigger early roles were when she played Steve Carrel’s daughter in the film Dan in Real Life. Remember that annoying girl who wouldn’t stop yelling, crying, and screaming that Steve Carrel’s character was ruining her life and her relationship with some boy? Yup that was Britt Robertson. She also has worked her way through the television circuit a million times over — she was the lead on the shows Life Unexpected and The Secret Circle throughout her teen years, but both were cancelled within their first few seasons. She then transferred her likeability and growing fan base to the teen romance movie, The First Time, which was well received and was an important step in getting her bigger film opportunities. Also, she won an award for Best Supporting Actress at the Boston Film Festival for her role in the movie White Rabbit.

Now the year is 2015 and Robertson is surely getting ready to take her film career to the next level. Not only does her movie with Clooney come out at the end of May (even though a movie with Clooney is a breakout year in itself), but she also stars opposite Clint Eastwood’s son (Scott Eastwood) in the romance movie The Longest Ride. This is one of her more adult roles to date, and obviously getting it on with Clint Eastwood’s offspring will bring about some of her steamiest scenes as well. Then later this year she has a movie coming out with Eddie Murphy. Now that’s what you call a one hell of a breakout year.

Britt Robertson may look barely old enough to drink in Canada, but she’s all grown-up now and ready to take on some big time roles in some big time movies, opposite some big time stars. The whole saying, “the next big thing”, or the next “it girl” is a little saturated and overdone. But in her case, it’s pretty fitting. And I think even Clooney would agree with you on that one.

You can catch her in the Longest Ride, in theatres everywhere on April 10.

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