Hair Loss: Your Best Defence Is Prevention

Hair Loss: Your Best Defence Is Prevention

As men age, they are presented with new challenges in terms of skincare and hair. We often get requests about how to deal with wrinkles and aging skin. But there is one issue that seems to come up time and time again as the biggest concern among men: hair loss. And we have learned that the best way to to ensure you have great hair at every age is to take care of your hair from the very beginning. Good hair in your silver years is all about prevention.

Many men in their 20s don’t even begin to think about hair loss until much later in life; but when you are younger is when you should start ensuring you maintain healthy hair (and a healthy scalp – which is even more important). Hair care brand Aveda has just launched a new product, invati men,  specifically designed for men with early to moderate thinning hair to prevent hair loss due to breakage. This new line contains two easy steps to help reduce hair loss. The two steps are an exfoliating shampoo followed by an after shower scalp revitalizer treatment.

Step 1: The shampoo’s main purpose is to exfoliate and improve the condition of your scalp; Wintergreen-derived salicylic acid helps remove build-up and excess sebum which can clog pores. This is the key – a healthy scalp leads to healthy hair growth.

Step 2: The second step comes after you leave the shower, you have to apply the scalp revitalizer as a leave-in treatment. It instantly thickens hair at the root to help men keep their existing hair longer. And it smells great yet manly.

Aveda claims that 4 out 5 men found their hair felt stronger and thicker after using the new invati system for just 12 weeks. So we put it to the test for our readers, and I have to admit that after 4 weeks I am already noticing a difference. My hair feels thicker and healthier – even strangers are commenting on it. So if you are worried about hair loss in your future, try out invati. Or better yet, if you want to have a full and thick head of hair until your old age, try out invati.

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