Men’s Style Q&A: Should I Buy White Jeans?

Above: Todd Snyder's white selvedge denim

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QUESTION: My buddy has been wearing a pair of white jeans lately and they actually look pretty cool. Is this a worthwhile purchase given that you can only wear them in the Spring and Summer?
Dale, Victoria

ANSWER: Here’s the thing, Dale. White jeans don’t just look pretty cool, they are cool, which makes them a wardrobe essential, not a frivolous expenditure.

You see, white jeans are the ultimate teammate. On any given day, they can be the star centre or the stay-at-home defenseman. It just depends what you wear with them. For example, pair them with a bright, floral print, the print will steal the show. Pair them with an oversized, black, v-neck t-shirt, on the other hand, and the jeans will be the focal point. 

What they will never be, however, is a back-up goalie, which makes them tough for some to pull off.  That said, here are a few things to keep in mind.

The fit? White jeans will always garner a closer look, so they need to fit impeccably. You don’t want skinny and you don’t want baggy. Instead, go for something slightly relaxed through the seat and thigh, but that tapers at the bottom. Finish with a double roll.

The shoes? Essentially, the white will break up your top and shoes, meaning that both will stand out more than usual. This then is not a time for shabby kicks. A simple rule of thumb: wear a pair that compliment the top.

Dirty Dale? White is nearly impossible to keep clean, so embrace the dirt. Ketchup and bird droppings will require immediate attention, but for everything else, there’s something to be said for showing a little wear and tear. If this is a sticking point for you, Todd Snyder makes a great pair of ivory, selvedge denim that’s easier-to-wear, and more forgiving, than bright white.

Contrary to popular belief, white jeans are not only a warm weather option. To be sure, this is when they should be your ‘go to’ bottom, but don’t restrict them to weekends at the cottage or July patio parties. Confidently work them into your regular rotation – year round – and you’ll look like you know what you’re doing.

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