Mud Hero With Mitchum: Conquering Canada’s Largest Obstacle Course Race

Mud Hero With Mitchum: Conquering Canada’s Largest Obstacle Course Race

I’ve been saying that I’m going to tackle an obstacle course run for as long as I can remember. So when the opportunity popped up at the office I jumped at the chance. I probably jumped a little too quickly because when I got back to my desk I sat down and wondered… What the hell did I just sign myself up for?

I’m a pretty active guy. I’m not a personal trainer or anything… But, I hit the gym regularly and even joined a run club this summer. Still I had no idea what I was actually signing myself up for. Searching through YouTube didn’t really calm any anxious thoughts either. I mean, I already knew I’d be climbing a rope wall and making my way through a mud lake. I just didn’t know how I was physically going to do it.

mud-hero-with-mitchum-conquering-canadas-largest-obstacle-course-race-mitchum-2Saturday morning. Mud Hero day had quickly arrived and I was (admittedly) more than a little nervous. The proof? I was already sweating the minute I stepped out of the shower. Listen – I don’t mind admitting to being a relatively sweaty dude. Some guys don’t get all that sweaty, but me, I’m not that guy. Plus, the nerves thing. Thankfully (full disclosure) Mitchum was my race day sponsor and they stalked me up with some maximum wetness protection. Here’s the scoop: Mitchum’s Dry Advanced Control Spray sprays on quick and easy. It goes on dry, has a decent scent and actually performed. I mean… it kept a sweaty man dry during a sunny Saturday afternoon while he ran through an obstacle course. What more can you really ask for? Plus, the control spray has 48-hour wear, so there was no need to keep reapplying as the afternoon went on. Which as it turns out was pretty important because after I registered and checked my backpack I was on my own without access to any of my stuff.

After registering Saturday afternoon, my nerves were still getting the best of me. I started to chill when I began chatting with my friend Mike and a group of geared up guys from his office who were all wearing matching T-shirts. Clearly this wasn’t their first time at the rodeo.

Mud Hero With Mitchum: Conquering Canada’s Largest Obstacle Course Race

“You don’t have to be a hardcore athlete,” Mike reassured me. “There’s no extreme obstacles like electrocution or tear gas like you see on TV.”

That’s a relief.

“And, think of it this way… You’re not going to get in trouble for not tackling an obstacle — and most of them have easier variations for beginners. But, you don’t need to worry about that. You’ll be fine.”

It’s true. There is (and was) nothing for me to actually be afraid of. This obstacle course was just another reminder that fear can be your own worst enemy. Are you really afraid? Good. Keep going. Do you doubt you make it through 6km of running through the mud and jumping around obstacles? Good. Keep going. Do you wonder what it will be like?

Good. Let’s get going.

Toronto’s course was 6 km of fun, muddy obstacles, including slides, a cargo rope climb and tunnel crawls. Everyone was encouraged to tackle the course at their own pace and skip any obstacle that you have trouble with. After all… the goal is to finish and enjoy a couple hours in the outdoors. I lost a couple guys before the first kilometer marker, but I’m happy to report that we all survived.

Mud Hero With Mitchum: Conquering Canada’s Largest Obstacle Course Race

Like the Mitchum man I knew I could be… I conquered every obstacle and turned the entire experience into one of my life’s great moments. I’ll admit I started feeling seriously claustrophobic when I was crawling through the final tunnel and I did consider trying to turn myself around to get out. But, I kept going and a few minutes later, I fell out of the tunnel (backwards I might add) and found myself standing in a mud lake (no joke) laughing.
And, then the finish line.

Thinking of challenging yourself, getting dirty, having some fun and creating your own great Mud Hero moment? I highly recommend it. In the days that followed Toronto’s event I found myself telling anyone I who would listen that they just have to try it. Talk to me now and I’m full of tips like: don’t wear your new gym clothes, wear something that wicks moisture away, make sure you’re hydrated heading into the race, get some sleep the night before, and don’t stress about it, remember to have fun. I’ve made the commitment to tackle the race again next summer with some friends. But, in the meantime my post Mud Hero adrenaline pushed me to sign up for Toronto’s half marathon this fall.

Am I nervous? Sure, but I was nervous last weekend too. I just have to remember to keep going.

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