Must-Have: Bandana

Guess what? Your new scarf this season is a bandana

Must-have: Bandana
Price: $5 – $360

Thanks to fashion houses like Louis Vuitton, Saint Laurent and Michael Bastian, what was once the defining piece for mechanics, gangsters and ‘hanky code’ observers, has now become high fashion neck wear.

And while the peacocks amongst us will no doubt seize the opportunity to rock their bandana like Jesse James – the actual outlaw, not Sandra Bullock’s cheating ex – or Popeye, there are less in-your-face ways of going about it, the most practical of which being rolled thin and worn with the knot to the side. This option is also the most versatile, because it takes up the least amount of real estate, giving you more options for pairing.

As for colour, it’s up to you. if you’re already self-conscious, be safe and go monochromatic: light blue shirt and navy bandana. If, on the other hand, you want to let it shine, go with a contrasting colour. It was all red on the runway for that very reason.

Like ‘guyliner’, this may or may not be for you. That said, we recommend buying one from the local army surplus store for a few bucks and giving it a whirl before dropping bank on the LV.

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