Apple Offering Store Credit For Old Products

Above: Apple is now making it easier to recycle your old devices (Photo: maxhphoto/Shutterstock)

Good news for anyone still hanging onto their first generation iPods, not sure what to do. Apple now recycles all their company’s products at no charge and if it’s in resalable condition, you could be looking at some serious store credit.    

Constantly criticized for creating too much electronic waste, Apple had to step it up. Lisa Jackson, Apple’s VP of Environmental Initiatives takes responsibility in a letter to apple consumers. “We believe we must be accountable for every Apple product at every state of its use.” Apple’s arranging the pickup, transportation and recycling of their products (and other manufacturers’) on their own dime.   

You can start the process online, inputting information on your product. Apple will give you an estimate on the fair market value of your desktop, notebook, iPad or iPhone. There’s no credit on iPods but Apple gives a 10% discount on new models when you bring the old one in for recycling. Apple will provide you with a pre-paid shipping label or send you a mailer package and after your product is received they’ll send out an Apple gift card pre-loaded and ready for spending. Just don’t get your hopes up—it probably won’t get you that far.  

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