Mercedes-Benz is Planning to Electrify Entire Car Lineup by 2022

Above: Expect more vehicles like the fully electric Concept EQ

The future is looking a little bit greener thanks to developers at Mercedes-Benz. According to multiple sources, the German automaker is planning to electrify every one of its models by the year 2022. This means that not only will they roll out exciting cars like the Concept EQ, but so too will they adapt their arsenal of classics.

It’s rather good news for consumers in Asia, and likely spurred by the Chinese government’s plan to prohibit fossil fuel vehicles— that law is set to be passed in the near future. In Europe, nations like France and the United Kingdom have also set a timeline to phase out fossil fuel wheels sometime in the next two decades.

For those a little uncertain of the change, company chief Dieter Zetsche told media that the brand won’t entirely do away with its gas-ready machines. Zetsche also said that some of these cars will be hybrid offerings, with 50 new electric options ready to launch within the next five years. The Mercedes-owned SmartCar line will also go fully electric within that timeframe.

Meanwhile, competitors like Volvo and Lincoln have implemented similar strategies. Volvo has set a goal of 2019 to churn out green cars while the latter, Lincoln, also promises a 2022 finish line. We may have to wait a bit longer for the roads to be dominated by electric vehicles, but with leaders like Mercedes-Benz paving the way, it may not be long until it’s a reality.

If you have any concerns about the green future, check out the segment below from Top Gear to watch an electric Benz fly.

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