We Tried It: myCharge AmpProng Portable Charger

Above: myCharge's AmpProng Portable Charger
We Tried It myCharge AmpProng Portable Charger

Product: myCharge AmpProng Portable Charger
Who tried it: Phone aficionado and AmongMen’s editor-in-chief, Christopher Turner
Retail price: $59.99
Available: Amazon, The Source and mycharge.com

Your smartphone running out of battery is an all-too-familiar feeling. No matter how powerful your phone’s battery is hyped to be, it’s nearly impossible to keep things charged up on a busy day without using a portable charger. I mean… who among us hasn’t found ourselves silently cursing Apple or Samsung when the sad battery light starts flashing, just when we need some juice the most?

With the massive amount of emails, texting, social media and just plain surfing the net that everyone does throughout the day, a reliable, portable charger has basically become essential to avoid the inevitable dead battery.

Sure, there are plenty of portable chargers out there, but the AmpProng charger from Michigan-based myCharge makes a pretty compelling case to open up your wallet.

The AmpProng rechargeable 3000mAh powerbank has approx 22 hours of rapid charge power and is a perfect option for keeping your smartphone (or other USB device) fully powered up. Just throw the compact powerbank in your bag or pocket (note the silky soft-touch finish) and you’ll never find yourself without a power source when you are on the go. Did we mention the rapid charge?

Plus, the integrated wall prongs on the device mean that when you are not toting it around it can plug into the wall like a standard USB wall charger. Of course, the wall prongs are collapsible when you are not using them.

Convenient and incredibly fast.

Even better? The myCharge AmpProng Portable Charger comes fully pre-charged so you’re ready to go as soon as you open the box.

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