On The Rise: The Male Butt Lift

Would you consider getting a butt lift? (Photo: Stokkete/Shutterstock)

As guys get older, it’s common to lose fat in the face, hands and buttocks, while retaining or gaining weight in the chest (a.k.a. “the man boobs”) and stomach (a.k.a. “the beer belly”). It’s also common for muscles in the rear to slacken due to extended amounts of time spent sitting either at a desk or driving to work.

For many men, this unflattering silhouette can lead to self-conscious feelings (and unwanted comments; “Hey, nice pancake butt!” – not fun. Since exercise is not always effective at pumping up the volume in your derriere, the next best option is a surgical buttocks lift (trust me, it isn’t as painful as it sounds).

That’s right guys, this procedure is no longer just for women. According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, 6.2 per cent of cosmetic buttock procedures in 2012 were performed on men, a 2.2 per cent increase from 1997.

The procedure uses unwanted fat from the patient’s own body—usually from the abdomen or love handles—to reshape flat behinds into perkier ones. Because the procedure uses real fatty tissue and not an implant, results are subtle, natural looking, and long term (three to 10 years). Plus, complications are minimal because the tissue is taken from your own body. However, for the procedure to work you need to have adequate levels of fat. The procedure cost starts at $7,000 and you’ll have to avoid sitting for two weeks in order to allow for optimal healing.

Would you consider getting a butt lift?


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By: Lauren Harasty, Elevate Magazine

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