Our Top Five Grooming Products Of 2021

For 365 days we waded through umpteen bottles, tubes, tins and sprays filled with lotions, creams, balms, masks, treatments, oils, cleansers and more to do the heavy lifting for you. And we’re not mad about it. You’ve had a solid 12 months worth of products at your fingertips, confidently knowing that each item had been tried tested and true just for you. Now, we’re sharing our top five favourite fragrance, face, body, shower and haircare finds from 2021, just in case you missed one.

FRAGRANCE: John Varvatos XX Artisan EDT
Why we love it: This is the eau that captures everyone’s attention. Not because it’s powerful or overpowering, but rather because it is fresh, aromatic and uplifting. The combination of sweet bergamot, bitter orange, spicy Sichuan pepper, green geranium, earthy vetiver, leafy woodworm, warm cedar and sensual musk notes create a magnetic pull that’s irrefutable. So whether you’re wearing the fragrance or simply breathing it in, it’s our opinion you’ll always come back for more.
* John Varvatos XX Artisan EDT, $115 for 125 ml, available at Hudson’s Bay stores and online at www.thebay.com.

FACE: Jack Black Acne Remedy Overnight Repair Moisturizer
Why we love it: It’s the ultimate anti-acne treatment for adults, because no one deserves to have spots and wrinkles at the same time. While the lotion eliminates blemishes and blackheads, it simultaneously promotes cell renewal, reduces fine lines and wrinkles and evens out skin tone. And courtesy of hero ingredient hyaluronic acid, it will leave your face looking and feeling smoother, brighter, softer and plumper too.
* Jack Black Acne Remedy Overnight Repair Moisturizer, $54 for 59 ml, available online at www.sephora.ca and at www.getjackblack.ca.

BODY: Baby Foot Deep Skin Exfoliation for Men
Why we love it: You’ll never have to wait for a pedicure appointment to achieve smooth and scale-free feet again. Mix-mastered from 16 natural ingredients, including fruit, glycolic and lactic acids, the formula sloughs off dry and dead skin cells from your toes, soles and heels. And all it takes is the ability to read instructions, a shower, soap and an hour. Plus, your newfound baby-soft feet will smell minty fresh, which we think is a definite win-win.
* Baby Foot Deep Skin Exfoliation For Men, $24.99, available online at www.well.ca.

HAIR: MAST Hair Peppermint Texturizing Shampoo
Why we love it: The pocket-sized packaging is not only crammed with do-good shampoo, it was made specifically for men by Canadian hairstylists. So it makes sense the formula’s blend of peppermint oil and sunflower seed extract helps to stimulate blood flow to promote hair growth, while calming the scalp to eliminate dryness. You’ll also notice that it looks fuller and with extra movement and texture, so there’s that.
* MAST Hair Peppermint Texturizing Shampoo $20 for 100ml, available online at www.mastheair.com.

Shower: The Body Shop Olive Exfoliating Cream Body Scrub
Why we love it:By simply rubbing this thick and grainy scrub all over your body, you’ll eliminate dirt, sweat, odour and dead skin cells to thoroughly cleanse your skin. But that’s now all. Because the formula is crafted from cold-pressed olive oil and a healthy helping of glycerin, your skin will also feel soft and hydrated. Bonus: if you don’t like using a body lotion or simply can’t be bothered, you won’t need to.
* The Body Shop Olive Exfoliating Cream Body Scrub, $22 for 250 ml, available online at www.thebodyshop.com.

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