The Best Men’s Hairstyles For 2015

Above: 5 hairstyles you're going to be seeing a lot of in 2015

You can get a good idea of what hairstyles are popular by just walking down the street. Hair is on the top of your head, it easy to see. Still, hair trends come and go and we wanted to find out exactly what styles are trending for men in 2015. We sat down with renowned hairstylist Ergys Tafilica, owner of the trendy Toronto hair salon Ergys Studio, to find out exactly what’s hot, and what men should be asking for when they head in for their next cut.

1. The Undercut

We’ve seen the undercut worn by everyone, from businessmen and athletes to teenagers and artists. It’s a hairstyle that works for most any guy with a head of hair. The edgy style – which buzzes down the sides and back while leaving the layers on the top of your head longer – is relatively easy to maintain. “It’s a style that you can pull off in a suit or a tracksuit,” says Tafilica. “It’s also a great style for guys just starting to experiment with their hair.”

Tafilica is quick to point out that an undercut doesn’t limit styling your hair one way. Depending on the length of the top layers, you can throw it up in a hipster ponytail, scrunch it up for a messy look or try out to the ever-popular “Quiff.” To get the 50s-inspired Quiff (a classic style that compliments most men)… Just grab a blow dryer and some styling cream to add a little height on top.

2. The Side-part

The classic side-part is the most popular men’s hairstyle, and for good reason. You can style any kind of man’s hair to the hair to the left or to the right for an instantly classic look. Step up your side-part style game by adding a little product to your hair. Tafilica notes that today we are seeing the strong side part made even more defined with a buzzed part shaved right in.

3. Length

“We’re seeing a number of guys now going for a longer look, think jaw-length and then sweeping it back,” says Tafilica. Celebs like Kit Harington and Matthew McConaughey are sporting lengthy locks with a little more class. It’s a look that doesn’t require a lot of work. Just throw a little bit of product in your hair and tuck it behind the ear. Guys with straight hair can just spritz in some hairspray to keep those locks in place, while guys with a little bit of curl can try using some cream or gel to keep things from getting frizzy.

Remember that while length is in, you still have to maintain it. Don’t let it get too long and wild.

4. For men with not a whole lot there

For many men there is a time when you have to admit that your hair is thinning. While a thin head of hair may not have been your first choice, your best bet is to embrace it with a new look. Our trusted hair expert recommends keeping things short. Keep things tight on the sides and then blend it all the way to the top. “Show that receding line,” says Tafilica. “I believe that the receding line is part of the beauty in the face of guys. There is nothing to hide. It brings the features out, the eyes out, the jawline out, everything. Don’t hide it. Accentuate it.”

It’s true; a good haircut will help bring out the features of the face. The hair should blend in with the features, not hide them.

5. Add a little bit of colour

These days more men are colouring their hair. If you are less than happy with your natural colour, and looking for the latest runway look, think about going white. White (or silver) blonde is incredibly popular right now according to Tafilica. But, he warns to stay away from yellow tones, and not to try to do this at home with box colour. If you are going to rock this edgy look, invest a little money and get it done professionally.

The good news for men with grey hair? The salt and pepper look is always in. If you’re going grey let your hair grow out a bit, and embrace all of those whites.

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