Palace and Adidas Showcase New Line in Ridiculous Video

Above: Adidas and Palace link up for a series of new pieces
Above: Adidas and Palace link up for a series of new pieces

For five years now, Palace has been a prominent player in skateboarding. The London-based company has done well since its debut, managing to plaster its logo on the shirts of riders and celebs alike. When the skatewear trend made its grand return to the cultural mainstream this year, Palace was there to capitalize and flourish. Now the company looks to continue its recent streak, through a collaboration with German giant, Adidas.

The two companies have linked up for a small capsule of pieces, including new sneakers, as well as breaker jackets. While we have to wait until next week to get a full look at the line, we can get a brief glimpse at it all, via this ridiculous new video.

The retro-inspired visuals are complete with an accented tennis player, and a palette of 80s tones adorning shoes and shirts. The whole thing is very silly, and only gets us more intrigued for the physical results. Check out the video, via vimeo.

Aidan D'Aoust

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