To Peel Or Not To Peel: BeautyRx Progressive Peel

To Peel Or Not To Peel

In the past, peeling has typically been a bad thing, because it has been associated with sitting out in the sun—*cough* falling asleep without sunscreen after too many brewskies, *cough*— longer than you had intended to. Well, not in this case.

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Above: BeautyRx The Progressive Peel Kit

When it comes to skin care, a peel is a great way to exfoliate the day’s grime and dead skin cells off your face. And if you choose a peel infused with glycolic acid, like BeautyRX by Dr. Schulz, The Progressive Peel 2-Step Kit ($99.99, available online at, you’ll also reap the anti-aging and skin-plumping benefits, too.

How does a peel work?
While every peel is unique, most work to remove dead skin cells, dirt, grime and pollution from your face all in one fell swoop. Add a little glycolic acid into the mix and you’re exfoliating on a whole new level. “It eliminates dry, rough and discoloured skin, which in my opinion, makes your skin look old,” says Stuart Schultz, the President of BeaytyRX by Dr. Schulz. “And it will make you look younger by diminishing and even eradicated your fine lines, crow’s feet and wrinkles.”

What is glycolic acid?
In skin care, glycolic acid is your best friend. It’s a molecule that’s part of a group of chemicals called alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs), specifically, lactic acid and it’s safe to use on your face. The incredibly small molecule penetrates your dermis to dissolve the top layer of your skin cells, stimulates new cellular growth and regenerates collagen.  “It’s a game changer,” adds Schulz. “Glycolic acid gives better efficacy than retinol and there is no down time, no irritation.

Why do I want to add another product to my skin care routine?
That’s the thing. With high performance skin care products like The Progressive Peel you can eliminate your other exfoliation steps. Applied nightly, the products will “keep dead skin cells off, stimulate new cellular growth, tighten your skin and reduce the amount of ingrown hairs you’ll experience,” says Schulz. Newbs can start out with the Essential 8% Exfoliating Serum each night for the first two weeks, then switch over to the Advanced 10% Exfoliating Pads.  All you have to do is apply the products, followed by a night cream of your choice, call it a day and go to bed.

But don’t forget…
…to use a sunscreen in the morning. Wearing a sunscreen 365 days a year is just good sense, especially when you’re using a glycolic acid as it can make your skin more sensitive to the sun’s powerful UVA and UVB rays. “There are two things you should always use on your face,” affirms Schulz. “Glycolic acid for your most optimal looking and feeling skin and sunscreen to protect it during the day.”

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