Product Hype: American Crew Fiber Pomade, Fiber Cream & Fibre Grooming Foam

Been complaining about your hair lately? Or maybe the lack of it or of its style… Fair play. There’s always something about winter that makes whatever hair is on our heads look and feel simultaneously static-y, dry and blah.

But if you’ve got enough of it to (mostly) cover your scalp and your hair’s texture is fine to medium regardless of its meh aesthetic, you can gain a little support from American Crew Fiber Pomade, Fiber Cream and Fibre Grooming Foam. The trio of men-specific products is infused with a bunch of scientifically created and proven hair-enhancing ingredients to make your strands look and feel thicker, denser, softer and more manageable.

Fiber’s mix of beeswax, ceteareth-20, cetyl palmitate and lanolin work well on shorter, choppier cuts giving your look much needed texture, control and hold. The blend also protects against moisture loss so your every strand remains healthy, soft and strong.

Short to medium styles benefit from Fiber Cream’s formulation of polyethylene glycol polymers, methyl gluceth-20 and polyquaternium-69 to help create visible fibers, while smoothing and providing long-lasting control over your coif. The Grooming Foam is loaded with a similar although airy blend, thanks to a dose of water, so that longer styles are not only protected from the heat of a blow dryer they also have added volume and lots of shine.

American Crew Fiber Pomade, Fiber Cream and Fibre Grooming Foam, $17.95 each each, available online at

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