Product Hype: Dove Men + Care Refillable Deodorant

Refillable deodorant. It’s a good thing right? And a pretty smart idea, for your body and your green bin equally. It’s why you need to be swiping Dove’s Refillable Deodorant on stat. It may just be the only deodorant you’ll ever need.

Here’s the deal, the skincare company has created its first-ever, stainless-steel deodorant case that has been designed to last forever. And it pairs perfectly with the environmentally conscious brand’s zero per cent aluminum refillable deodorants crafted from 96 per cent recycled plastic. All you have to do is pick up a refillable kit and get started. The kit contains two refill deodorants that fit into the stainless-steel deodorant container. When your deodorant runs out, just pick up the refill pack, remove the lid while keeping the cover on and place the product sideways at a 90-degree angle and twist the refill onto the steel base until it clicks. Next, squeeze the sides to remove the deodorant’s cover and you’re done. It’s easy and it’ll make your daily routine more sustainable too.

Plus, the deodorants’ powerful, non-irritating formula will fight body odour for up to 48 hours without compromising the health of your skin. It’s triple action moisture technology includes hydrating glycerin to care for, soften and soothe your underarms to avoid chafing when playing sports or working out. And with two great options, Dove Men+Care Refillable Deodorant 0% Aluminum in “Clean Touch” and “Feel Fresh” scents, you can stay dry and odour-free all day long. Never mind all of the environmental good you’re doing for by not throwing out your old and used up deodorant containers every month. Kinda puts the green into green bin now doesn’t it.

Dove Men + Care Refillable Deodorant, from $15.99, available at Shoppers Drug Mart and online at,,, and

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