Product Hype: Klorane Hair Strengthening Serum

Sometimes you just want a product that’s clear and direct about what it does. It’s not fancy, there’s no guess work, fuss or frills, it’s simple, straight forward and does what it says it will do right on the label. Like Klorane’s Hair Strengthening Serum.

Natural, the vegan formula includes quinine, extracted from the bark of South American Cinchona trees, to strengthen and invigorate existing hair follicles and slow down hair loss, combined with organic edelweiss, a white flower loaded with antioxidants, to promote new hair growth. Neither greasy nor sticky, when sprayed onto clean hair and massaged into the scalp two to three times a week, it regenerates the hair fibre, while boosting the cellular metabolism of the scalp. And you don’t have to rinse it out, just carry on with the rest of your day. The serum smells good too, like a crisp walk outside in the woods.

Each 100 ml of the spray-on serum lasts for about three months as well. Which is most likely when you will be noticing a definitive decrease in the amount of hair washing down the drain and an increase in your actual hair’s radiance, hydration, shine, strength and abundance. We appreciate the brand’s sustainability commitment too—all active ingredients are derived from organic plants, the container is made with recyclable plastic and the packaging can be tossed right into the green bin.

Klorane Hair Strengthening Serum, $49.50 for 100 ml, available at Shoppers Drug Mart and online at

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