Product Hype: Lotus Aroma Eucalyptus Globulus Bath & Body Wash

You know the age-old question: what three must-haves would you take to a deserted island? Well, we have a new version of this query: what three scents would you always want in bath and shower products? Eucalyptus always makes our list.

Beyond its health and wellbeing benefits believed to promote rest and relaxation, eucalyptus smells fresh and foresty green, leafy and woody, and with a sharpness comparable to mint. So when we add Lotus Aroma Eucalyptus Globulus Bath & Body Wash to our tub or to lather up with it under the shower and then, breathe in its botanical vibes, our nose and lungs feel cleaner and our body’s stress just melts away.

It’s just as good for our skin too. Made with 100 per cent plant-derived ingredients, the Eucalyptus Globulus Bath & Body Wash contains 98 per cent active ingredients, a 99.6 per cent natural formula, 46 per cent organic ingredients and low to zero per cent water. What it is, chock full of, however, are the feel-good/do-good plant’s extracts, along with aloe, sunflower seed oil and glycerin to help cleanse, soften and hydrate our skin. And the bonus, this globulus version has antibacterial and antimicrobial properties too, which can help prevent and soothe body aches, pains and colds.

Lotus Aroma Eucalyptus Globulus Bath & Body Wash, $23 for 60 ml, available online at

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