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This summer the cuff has been getting substantial attention. To the aesthetically unaware, the cuff may seem like an insignificant element, but as any fashion icon knows, true style rests in the details. With the arrival of warm weather, the act of rolling up one’s cuffs and revealing some skin is heating up.

The beauty of cuffing is in its simplicity; for such a small act, a whole outfit can change. For instance, take the pant cuff. When rolled up accordingly it dramatically alters the look of an ensemble. The character of the pant goes from potentially professional or traditional, to urban cool. It loses its austerity and gains a nonchalant attitude. If rolled particularly high, even more of an intense shift is offered—think bicycle chic. The same transformation is true for the cuff of a shirt, button-down or jacket; when played with, the intention of the outfit radically transforms.

This trend is not suggesting that one cuffs everything they own; rather only specific garments should be played with. So what is cuff-worthy this season? Jeans are a must, especially coloured denim (black, grey, etc.). Jeans also include jean shorts, and while we’re at it, any Bermuda shorts for that matter. Slim-fit trousers also deserve a touch of casual cuffing. Plus, short-sleeve T-shirts (yes, we’re talking cotton) also take the trend with pride.

But the essence of this trend is not just that men are cuffing, it’s the way that they are. For summer, it’s been an extremely (intentionally) messy look—the more imperfect the better. This trend follows along with other bohemian, grungy, I-don’t-care-but-I-do-care styles. In regards to size, a smaller cuff has evolved. It should be roughly one to two inches, leaving ample room for watchers to see the ‘accessory’ but not distract them. Though we should disclose, this look is not here to stay for long—big surprise. So enjoy it while it lasts. We predict cuffing will make a more serious and stark appearance soon. Stay tuned.

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