Real Men Wear Rubbers: Embrace Rubber Footwear For Spring

Real Men Wear Rubbers: Fashion Embraces Rubber Footwear for Spring

How does that expression go again? April showers bring more May showers?

After a long drawn out winter, we have entered what could now be called the rainy season. With record rainfalls expected across the country, one can expect lots of puddles and flooded sidewalks. But fear not, a slew of rubber footwear has arrived just in time for spring and we’ve rounded up your best options to combat whatever the coming month throws at you, from light showers to tidal waters.

Galoshes by Swims
Real Men Wear Rubbers - Swims

The Swims brand has become synonymous with fashion forward galoshes since they first launched the company in 2006. Over a decade later, they are still making beloved rubber overshoes to keep your good leathers dry and protected.

Over the years the Norwegian lifestyle brand has expanded into other weather resistant footwear. Their line of water resistant penny loafers feature rubber soles and breathable mesh fabric uppers. These shoes are fashion forward and perfect for a day at the beach or on a boat.

Chelsea Boots by Hunter
Real Men Wear Rubbers - Hunter

Hunter boots is a British heritage company that has been making rubber footwear since 1856. Best known for their well made sturdy rubber boots; the brand has kept everyone’s feet  dry from royalty to soldiers in WWI and even Kate Moss. First designed for men, the brand has branched out into womenswear. Most recently, they have expanded their menswear line to include multiple options of rubber footwear: Chelsea boots, penny loafers, and even cropped rain boots.

Gucci Horsebit Rubber Loafers
Real Men Wear Rubbers - Gucci

Gucci has built a luxury brand known for great Italian leathers. But like many other fashion houses (Vivienne Westwood to name one), they have recently explored rubber footwear options. The brand recently took their classic Horsebit loafter and made it entirely out of rubber. Now this last option might be the most upscale option but at $280 CDN it is a great price for Gucci and it’s a small price to pay to keep your feet dry and fashion forward.

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