Why Your Skin Needs A Little TLC This Winter

Why Your Skin Needs A Little TLC This Winter

Now that winter is in full force and you’re spending more time outdoors in the harsher elements skiing, playing hockey, snowboarding etc., it’s important to remember that your face needs a little TLC. After all, this is Canada. To help, and in honour of Cetaphil’s 70th birthday, Vancouver-based skincare expert Jordy Poon shares his top dos and don’ts for achieving healthy-looking, touchable skin all season long.

Don’t over-exfoliate flaky skin
Over-scrubbing and over-exfoliating your skin every day can irritate your skin and cause damage and ongoing flakiness. So limit your exfoliation to once a week and then “to help keep your skin feeling smooth, gently cleanse your face the remaining six days,” advises Poon.
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Do use a gentle product on dry and itchy skin
A dry, itchy, inflamed dermis can often be the result of cleansing with the wrong product. Try ditching the soap and opting for a soap-free, liquid or bar cleanser for your face and body instead. “Mild, soap-free formulas that cleanses without drying your skin work best,” says Poon. “And they are perfect for the cold air that winter brings.”
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Don’t wash with hot water when your skin feels dry
Hot water feels great during the cold months, but the heat and steam actually zap the moisture from your skin and can make drier skin feel and look even drier when your done. “Rinse your face with cool to lukewarm water,” recommends Poon. “This will help your skin stay hydrated. Lock in the moisture by applying a moisturizer or night cream to damp skin afterwards.”

Do moisturize your dry, itchy, flaky skin every day
For long lasting hydration and soothing relief, Poon says to “opt for a moisturizer designed for atopic prone skin containing ingredients like filaggrin and ceramides,” to help repair the skin’s moisture barrier to relieve dry, itchy skin.
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