Stuff We Love: Würkin Stiffs Magnetic Collar Stays

The foundation of any guys wardrobe – versatile button-down shirts. The occasional problem? If your shirt doesn’t have buttons on the collar or you aren’t wearing a tie you are going to end up suffering from fly away collar syndrome.

Sartorial gents will already have a drawer filled with a variety of collar stays, but our favourite go-to accessory, designed specifically to combat that ridiculous floppy collar look are Würkin Stiffs Power Stays.

The re-invented collar stays were born when the company’s founder Jonathan Boos threw on a shirt with a collar that flared out so wide that it looked like he could have played disco dancing John Travolta in the classic ’70s flick, Saturday Night Fever. His style solution? Magnetic collar stays that easily adjust and keep collars looking crisp, without leaving marking up your favourite shirt.

Boos’ lightweight alloy stays (made from the same material found in aerospace engineering) hold shirt collars flat against your collar bone with a little help from tiny powerful magnets. Put to the test on countless outings, the magnetic collar stays instantly tame sloppy-looking collars, keeping them from flaring out and curling under.

Würkin Stiffs Power Stays ($42.00 for a package of 6) come in 3 different sizes: 2 inch, 2.5 inch, and 3 inch, and are available at fine retailers across Canada as well as online at:

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