Summer Stainers: Preventing Teeth Staining

Summer Stainers: Preventing Teeth Staining

Summertime is fun time. There’s chilled sangria, Sauvignon Blanc and rosé wines to be drunk, berries to be eaten, popsicles to indulge in and outdoor activities like swimming to dive into. But did you know, all of those things take a toll on your teeth or to be exact, the whiteness of your smile? According to Dr. Victoria Veytsman of the Cosmetic Dental Studios in New York City they’re the key, summertime teeth-staining culprits.

Why are our teeth so prone to staining in the summer?  
Don’t blame it on the sunny season, but rather everything the warm weather has to offer. “It’s the food choices in summer that you choose to eat that can cause staining,” affirms Dr. Veytsman. Dark berries, like blackberries, raspberries and blueberries; brightly coloured popsicles; colas and red and rosé wines can stain teeth, while white wine and citrus fruits are highly acidic and “can cause discolouration because they can erode tooth enamel.”

What are the other teeth-staining culprits?
Coffee and tea are, of course, a no-brainer and will stain your pearly whites year round. But believe it or not, the bigger culprit during summer is the swimming pool.  “If you swim for hours each week, you could end up with spots called: swimmer’s calculus,” explains Dr. Veytsman. “The high pH of the chemicals in the pool water causes proteins to harden into a dark brown tartar and you’ll need to have your teeth professional whitened to remove it.”

Can we still enjoy berries, popsicles and pool time and avoid staining? 
Yes! Brushing after each meal or dip in the pool is a must. But if you didn’t pack your toothbrush to the party, even swishing some water around in your mouth to rinse your teeth will be beneficial. “Wiping your teeth with a tissue after eating will also help to minimize stains,” says Dr. Veytsman. Using a mouthwash like, Listerine Naturals, which is alcohol free, doesn’t stain the teeth and contains no artificial sweeteners or dyes is another great option and worth the extra time. “After all, everyone looks more youthful and attractive with whiter, brighter teeth,” adds Dr. Veytsman. “It’s a sign of healthfulness and overall wellness.”

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