Tea Tree Oil: Your Skin Needs It And We’re Going to Tell You Why

You have to give tea tree oil props. Derived from Australia’s melaleuca plant’s leaves it’s a bit of a Renaissance oil. You can diffuse it to help kill germs and stop a head cold in its tracks. In hard soap form it’s one of the best antibacterial zappers for healing new tattoos. It can purify the air in your house, eliminate athlete’s foot and stinky feet, soothe a dry and itchy scalp, clean your house and so much more.

Because it’s 99.9 per cent effective at wiping out germs and antibacterial, when it’s mix-mastered into skincare like Thursday Plantation’s Tea Tree Face Wash Foam, Tea Tree Face Wipes and Tea Tree Medicated Gel it also becomes a heavy hitting anti-acne product.

As effective as benzoyl peroxide at treating acne, yet minus the harsh drying and red after-effects many with sensitive skin experience, tea tree oil’s natural antibacterial properties kill bacteria, while calming inflammation. It penetrates your skin killing the bacteria that causes whiteheads, blackheads and cystic acne, while drying out any existing pimples. You can use it every day too.

The Face Foam Wash can be lathered on and rinsed off in the shower, after the gym, before date night (you get the idea) etc, while the Wipes are super convenient and portable so you can use them whenever you feel sweaty or are staying over at your bae’s and want to clean up your act before you hit the sheets. And for the days when you want a little extra zit-zapping TLC, the Medicated Gel will do the trick. Like we said, you have to give the little plant that could (and does) a whole lot of props.

Thursday Plantation, Tea Tree Face Wash Foam ($14.99), Tea Tree Face Wipes ($12.99 for a package of 25) and Tea Tree Medicated Gel ($11.99) are available online at thursdayplantation.ca.

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