The 411 On In-Salon Hair Treatments For Men

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With hair salons and barbershops finally opening their doors, it may be time to indulge in a personalized hair treatment. Here’s what you need to know.

What is a personalized in-salon hair treatment?
A personalized in-salon hair treatment is exactly what it sounds like, a treatment bespoke to you. “It starts with a solid and comprehensive consultation with a stylist to determine the hair fibre and scalp of a client,” says James Valiant, a Kérastase artist and celebrity stylist at Suki’s Salon in Vancouver. “This is a two way communication between the stylist and client regarding their concerns and issues, needs and wants and eventually the results they are looking to achieve. At the end of the consultation, the stylist will decide a custom treatment.”

Is a personalized hair treatment the same as using a DIY hair mask or oil treatment?
While both are good, a DIY hair mask or oil treatment off the shelf has been created for a generalized hair type. A customized treatment is crafted solely for your hair and scalp needs.

What are the benefits of a personalized in-salon hair treatment?
With multiple treatments on the market, bespoke ones can target your hair for maximum efficacy and transformation. “Personalized in-salon hair treatments can even be customized for different parts of the hair,” says Valiant. “For instance, if a client has fine hair that needs volume but their ends are dry, the stylist may use two professional Kérastase products, like Fusio Dose to ensure it receives the moisture it needs without getting weighed down. This can create a unique combination to repair, revitalize and hydrate the hair or whatever it may require. Whether the hair is dry and dull, lacking density or coloured and unruly, a customized treatment can address both a primary and secondary need.”

What is a “Shine Treatment”
“This is a temporary treatment that can help with both the health of the hair and it’s shade,” says Valiant. “It gives the hair more shine and even brighter tones of the hair fibre. This will result in manageability and smoothness. The treatment is applied in the hair after shampooing at the basin, then washed out, leaving the hair luscious, silky, weightless and nourished.”

How frequently should men invest in an in-salon hair treatment?
Maintaining great hair is a part of most men’s daily routine. “Good hair equals confidence, looking polished and being put together,” says Valiant. “I highly recommend that men invest in an in-salon treatment every time they visit the salon as part of their routine.”

How much does it cost?
The average cost is about $25 to $30, plus the cost of a haircut, colour or otherwise.

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