The Unlikely Ingredient: Charcoal For Your Hair And Yes, It’s A Good Thing

You’ve read the news, stayed up to date with the trends and heard all of the seemingly absurd and counterintuitive things charcoal is being used for, like whitening your teeth and detoxifying your intestines. Well, guess what? It works and now we’re going to tell you to use it on your hair.

Food-grade activated charcoal is favoured in beauty and grooming products, because it acts like a magnet with everyday dirt, pollution and grime.  When charcoal is infused into shampoos and conditioners like Herbal Essences new Detox and Replenish Charcoal Collection, the toxins stick to the charcoal, which then allows them to be removed off of your scalp and hair and rinse away down the drain with every shower. Plus, charcoal is a natural ingredient, giving it one more level of efficacy, as a must-use ingredient for bigwig companies like Proctor & Gamble’s to mix master into their shampoo and conditioner formulations.

Since Detox and Replenish Charcoal Collection’s formulation is also crafted with the brand’s signature blend of aloe, sea kelp and histidine, an antioxidant that purifies and protects from pesky free radicals that leave hair dull and lifeless, it will not only, well, shampoo and condition your hair, but it’ll also leave it looking and feeling replenished, resilient, soft and healthy. And even though it’s eliminating all of the gunk and oils you absolutely do not want, it’s safe to use every day and on all hair types, as it won’t strip your strands. The formula is also silicone-free so will leave your hair squeaky clean, balanced and replete with its own natural moisture.

Not bad for an ingredient who’s only previous claim to fame included stockings and naughty children.

Herbal Essences Detox and Replenish Charcoal Collection are $7.99 each for 400 ml, available at Shoppers Drug Mart.

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