Amy Winehouse Biopic is Officially in the Works

Amy Winehouse - Shepards Bush Empire - Photo By Chris Christoforou - 28.05.2007

More than seven years after her death, Amy Winehouse is still captivating music fans across the globe. Upon reflection, it’s really no surprise why her work is so inspiring. In her short career, the British soul superstar churned out some of the most moving and critically acclaimed work this century. Her sophomore album, Back to Black, went multi-platinum and its debut single “Rehab” has entered anthemic status.

Aside from her artistic legacy, of course, the other noteworthy facet of the story was her life off of the stage. Winehouse’s ascension to pop icon came with its share of hiccups and personal tragedies — perhaps the most unfortunate aspect of this immense pressure was its affect on songwriter’s psyche. Throughout her come up, Amy struggled with an addiction to drugs and hard liquor, and that led to severe personal turmoil.

All of this and more came under the microscope in 2015, when Winehouse’s life was told in a documentary aptly titled, Amy. The film ended up winning an Oscar award the following year, and sparked yet another cultural moment for her catalogue. Now, just three years later, the Winehouse estate has agreed to move forward with a biopic set to shoot in the near future.

According to a report from The Guardian, the singer’s family has signed a deal with Monumental Pictures and a story will be penned by Kinky Boots writer Geoff Deane. Sources indicate that filming will begin next year. Not much else is currently known about the project as of now, but if you’re interested in more of the musician’s story, you can stream Amy on Netflix.

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