Trending: Bold Windbreakers

Above: Windbreakers coming down the runway at the YMC F/W14 presentation and the Bottega Veneta S/S15 presentation

Just because the weather is heating up doesn’t mean jackets are banished to the back of the closet. Summer requires a cover-up, too. However, not surprisingly, it’ll need to be light, bright and extra stylish. What have we seen walking the summer streets? Bold windbreakers.

It takes the fundamentals of sportswear with elements of normcore and hip-hop enthusiasm for a slick, contemporary storm that walks the line between high fashion and hideous—two very different beings that have many parallels. Though its aesthetic is for the brave, the beauty of this statement rests in its practicality.

Firstly, it offers enough insulation to keep you warm after sunset while maintaining sufficient breathability (if you invest a little) to keep you cool if the temp rises. Secondly, it’s waterproof. This means it’ll protect you in case of a sudden rain shower or an unexpected boat excursion—hey, you never know. Lastly, though summer has sped up its popularity, it’s really a keep-forever piece—we’re already seeing it in Bottega Veneta’s SS15 RTW collection—to sport year-round. Team it with a boyish hoodie come fall and it stays just as smart.

The only hard part is deciding which one to buy. They vary by length, silhouette, colour, features and so on. We recommend something bold—no surprise. This doesn’t mean amp up all dimensions; rather pick one and mute the rest. For instance, if you want to do a crazy colour, e.g., fuchsia, opt for a classic shape, e.g., a bomber. If you’re interested in a more minimalist hue, e.g., white, inject it into a modern make, e.g., exaggerated angles or an oversized form. Note: a visual balance is critical in cultivating your cool front.

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