Product Hype: Manscaped The Performance Package 4.0 Luxury Grooming Kit

Let’s talk about your balls. Yes, we know it’s months away from November’s Movember, but we think your balls are worth more than 30-days of consideration. So does Manscaped, the grooming company that’s all about balls. It’s why they’ve put together a Luxury Grooming Kit, The Performance Packagage 4.0.

Promoting testicicular health and optimum hygiene through ongoing attention via good grooming (see the domino effect here?), this handy-dandy kit contains everything you need and never though you’d want but do, to maintain your nether region.

Complete with hair removal, deordorizing, hydrating and freshening-up products, each kit also contains a Weed Whacker for ear and nose hair trimming. A Crop Preserver anti-chafing ball deodorant. A Crop Reviver ball spray toner. The Shed travel bag, Manscaped anti-chafing boxers and the star of all, The Lawn Mower 4.0, an all-new, SkinSafe electric trimmer.

Powered with wireless technology and replaceable 3mm ceramic blades, this electric trimmer uses precision engineering and a LED Spotlight to enable you to safely trim below the waist without worry. It’s waterproof too, so you can conveniently trim in the shower for less fuss and mess. Although the kit does include a complimentary and environmentally friendly Magic Mat to stand on and collect your trimmings. It also makes for fun reading. Crafted from newspaper and designed to look and read like one, this informative and humorous mat provides directions for all of the products, features artwork for trimming inspiration, testimonials, fun facts and even a crossword puzzle. And there’s more than one, so you can trim as many times as you like.

Manscaped The Performance Package 4.0 Luxury Grooming Kit, $169.99, available online at

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