What To Do When Botox Or Fillers Don’t Fit the Bill

Just because your mom, SO, boss, the lacrosse team and even your 21-year-old nephew are doing it, doesn’t mean you have to. Of course we’re talking about Botox and fillers and yes, it does seem like everyone, from Scott Disick to the entire Vanderpump Rules cast (Jax, Tom, Tom and James included), under 40 years and in the spotlight are indulging in smooth foreheads and crow’s feet-free eyes. In fact, according to the American Society for Plastic Surgeons, men’s Botox treatments now make up approximately 10 per cent of all cosmetic surgeries. That said, if the numbers aren’t swaying you but you still want solid results, well, there may be a topical face product or two that can do the trick for you. Just ask Dimitra Davidson, the president and CEO of Indeed Laboratories in Toronto.

What first inspired you to create products that men can use as an alternative to fillers, Botox and other invasive treatments?
“We were inspired by a desire to create high quality, innovative skincare products that actually worked,” says Davidson. “The driving force behind our brand was to give real results to real people. Our products bring high potency ingredients and formulas to consumers in a fashion that is accessible, both from a price standpoint (all of Indeed Laboratories’ products are $30 or less), and their availability at major drug stores.”

Did you specifically create your face products as an alternative for Botox and fillers?
Possibly best known for their wrinkle and line-blurring cream Nanoblur, Davidson’s Research and Development team have also mix-mastered other instant gratification cult favourites like the wrinkle-busting serum Snoxin II and the facial plumping cream Hydraluron Moisture Jelly. And yet, providing an alternative to injections and cosmetic procedures was never the brand’s driving force. “It just so happens that some of our products mirror the results of these treatments,” says Davidson. “By creating products with results driven formulas we’re able to give consumers an option if they didn’t feel comfortable with invasive treatments. Also, we believe our products are essential for daily maintenance even for those individuals using invasive treatments.”

When should you use alternative products and when should you opt for Botox or fillers?
“I believe everyone has their own reasons for deciding between products or invasive treatments, and they can one hundred per cent be used in conjunction with one and other,” says Davidson. “For instance, some of our products are a way of making treatments last longer. While people often seek out invasive treatment in hopes of altering something, everyday products are meant for prevention, protection and treatment. They are a way of helping your skin do what it is meant to do naturally.”

Are high performance skincare products the better route to take?
“It’s not a black and white comparison,” says Davidson, who believes both options provide benefits. “But since everyone’s skin is different, what works for one person may do absolutely nothing for someone else. Consumers are lucky to live in a world where they can trust their own instincts and are free to have own their experience.”

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