Trending: The Knee-Length Jacket

Above: Knee-length jackets seen on the runway at the Burberry Prosum fall 2014 presentation

As witnessed at Fall/Winter 2014 World MasterCard Fashion Week, menswear toppers are growing, both figuratively and literally. Symbolically, it’s a section of the male market that thrives, and has for many years; men are willing to invest in a coat, and with reason, they’ve been a staple of men’s fashion throughout history (e.g., the leather jacket and the smoking jacket). As for literally, they truly are expanding, lengthwise that is. Forget waist definition, this fall designers are dropping hemlines. This length increase looks lovely on a range of coats including windbreakers, peacoats and overcoats, but our favourite is the trench coat. It’s a wardrobe staple that instantly pulls together an outfit. And with a new variety of unorthodox colours and textures, you no longer have to wear that banal beige. Looking to splurge? Browse the Burberry Prosum Fall 2014 collection where you’ll find a handsome mix of classic undertones with current updates.

But the knee-length jacket isn’t just brilliant because it’s “on trend,” it promotes a level of professionalism that shorter forms can’t cut. Thanks to their more serious nature, it’s a good friend for the office, interviews or dinner parties. In regards to fit, make sure it’s never too snug; longer jackets just can’t get away with less room like a cropped silhouette can. If anything, buy slightly larger or even oversized for that high-fashion feel.

What to pair with it? As fashion enthusiasts, we appreciate a good juxtaposition, so try low-profile sneakers and cuff pants while you’re at it. If you are taking it to more formal audiences, couple with a long scarf left undone underneath or over the jacket. For extra aesthetic oomph, add layers of longer garments underneath, like thin coats or knee-length sweaters. Lesson for the season: go the long way.

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