We Tried It: Victorinox’s I.N.O.X Pro Diver Watch

Above: Victorinox’' I.N.O.X pro diver watch
We Tried It:  I.N.O.X Pro Diver Watch

Product: I.N.O.X Pro Diver Watch
Who tried it: AmongMen contributor Mike Dojc
Retail price: $595
Available: swissarmy.com

First ticking onto the scene at Baselworld ’16, Victorinox’s I.N.O.X line leaps into the deep blue with the Professional Diver. The submariner crew member of the quartz watch family known for their ability to withstand a major league whupping (surviving over 100 severe stress tests), comes in navy, yellow, black, and red and makes the ideal wrist companion for those with aquatic sensibilities.

This diver features a Swiss Ronda caliber 715 quartz movement and offers 200 meters/660 ft of water resistance so it’ll more than hold up on your next scuba trip to Cabo. Competitive swimmers tend to be lean and broad shouldered but when you’re a watch that swims the nuances tend to be subtle. Body-wise the I.N.O.X diver sports a 45mm wide case, 2 mm wider than the regular INOX and features a rotating timing bezel and there’s a transparent protector you can fit on top of the watch which has a magnifying effect when viewing the face underwater.

For Navy types the dial’s periphery is decked out with a 24-hour scale so if you want to synchronize your watches and ship out at 1500 on the button, have at it. Had no way to verify the veracity of this claim but on the watch face itself it mentions that it’s “Anti-Magnetic” which would come in handy if you have a job as an MRI tech.

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