What Women Think About Your Boxers

Ever wonder what women think about your boxers (Photo credit: Anna Chelnokova/Shutterstock)  )

The Victoria Secret Fashion Show is an event, so much so, that we dedicate hours to watching women walk down the runway in lingerie. So, it’s safe to say that both women and men have a pretty universal preference when it comes to underwear and what we think is sexy. But while we have that mental image, let’s spin it around, do you know what your woman thinks about your underwear?

Why Women Care About What Underwear You’re Wearing

We all put effort into the clothes we wear, carefully selecting chinos with that chambray shirt. But what about what you’re wearing underneath? Here’s what the girls think.

For women, underwear is supposed to flatter the body shape, enhance. However, for most men- T-shirts and underwear are for utility, to keep sweat from rubbing onto your clothing and not as much attention is paid to cut and fit. But trust me, women notice a man who’s putting in the effort to look sharp, even under those jeans.

What Women Want…Under Your Jeans

After a quick informal survey of my female friends, it’s unanimous that flashy, patterned, or fabric do not hold as much weight as for our own underwear. But rather, the focus is on proper fit, colour, cleanliness and the lifecycle of your underwear. You know what I mean, if it’s getting old and fading out… toss it out!


Boxers can be the best look for the average guy, and for those who like to wear their pants low, low, low. Just remember, that the stretchy and potentially bulky fabric from boxers can wear out quickly and also be a bit frustrating for women who want to see you show off your goods.

Boxer Briefs

Part boxer, part brief, this seems to be the women’s choice. A good fit, not too tight and not too loose at the legs are a flattering option. Just the right balance stretch and comfort shows women what you’ve got, without giving it all away.

Tighty Whities

Tighty whities on men can the same affect as granny panties on women. If you are interested in shutting down the possibility of sex in the future, then stick to this. Ok fine, I exaggerate. There are simple ways to redeem this fit. If you select a crisp color (black, grey, dark blue), keep them clean, and maintain a cozy fit, without a massive front pouch- to stay in the game. Thicker cotton fabrics are also a good touch.

Colour and Fabric

Silk and lace might be the fabric of choice for women’s lingerie, but cotton seems to be the popular choice for men’s underwear. Women seem to notice comfort, fit and colour vs. fabric. That being said, popular choices for colour include black, grey, dark blue, and simple patterns such as stripes or polka dots. And like most everything- keep things clean, the fabric stretchy, and don’t wear them out until you toss ‘em.

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