Yup, Manly Men Manscape

Above: Everything you need to know about manscaping, ehem, down there
Yup, Manly Men Manscape

You’ve undoubtedly heard about it, maybe even thought about it and perhaps have been persuaded to book an appointment by your significant other. And while women call it their monthly and mandatory upkeep, we men deem it: manscaping. Here’s everything you need to know about doing a little grooming downstairs.

What is manscaping?
Ultimately, it’s the men’s equivalent to a woman’s bikini wax and like the ladies, how much you want to take off is your decision. “It’s the trimming or removal of men’s body hair in the pubic region,” confirms Seth Harman, the managing director at Men Essentials in Toronto. An esthetician removes your unwanted body hair with wax to create “a cleaner and neater-looking appearance.”

Why manscape?
While the predominant benefit is to have a groomed pubic area, there are additional health and hygiene benefits. “With less hair, you will sweat less,” says Harman and with less hair to trap in body odour and bacteria, you’ll feel and smell fresher.

Are men really asking for the service?
With back and chest hair removal services now a staple on spa menus, manscaping has become a natural addition. “It has certainly come up more with our customers within the last three years,” affirms Harman. “Particularly with the fitness crowd who don’t want excess hair hiding the muscular definition they work hard to achieve.”

Questions to ask your esthetician before you get naked:
First and foremost, make sure to book your appointment with a spa or clinic specializing in the procedure. Manscaping requires a practiced touch and is not to be confused with typical hair reduction and removal for men, like shaving. “Discuss the pre- and post-manscaping methods as you want to ensure your esthetician is well versed on both,” adds Harman. Let the esthetician know if you work out, wear tight clothing, which can cause chaffing and if you’re prone to ingrown hairs. And make sure you do your own prep and post work, such as exfoliating the area before and after the service to eliminate ingrown hairs, as well as apply a soothing cream afterwards to prevent irritation.

How long should you wait between manscaping appointments?
Like getting your hair cut, wait four to six weeks between appointments so as to let the hair grow back in.

Last words of advice to the newbie manscapee?
Do your homework. Your body is more sensitive to hair removal than your face so it needs to be approached differently. “Seek out advice from reputable sources on the Internet or from licensed professionals who have experience in manscaping,” says Harman. “And relax. It’s not going to hurt as much as you think it will.”

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