10 Cool Car-Related Gift Ideas

Why not give one of these cool car-related gifts: Espresso Veloce coffee maker, Disc-brake coasters, Car mouse or Cutlery wrench set

It’s true. Car fanatics are a special bunch. We’re the ones who look at coffee coasters and say, “what if those were disc brakes?” or “hm, my USB key looks too boring, I’d rather have it be a die-cast toy car.” But hey, why stop there? Here’s a must-have list of auto accessories that will surely bring some horsepower into your life:

Warning: the following may instigate the inner-child

Espresso Veloce coffee maker

As we all know, mornings are very important – so before firing up that V12 and heading over to work, how about firing up the coffee machine first? Built out of stainless steel, it even features heat effects on the exhaust manifolds! V12-brewed coffee anyone?

Race-car kids bed

Why is it that kids get all the really cool stuff? Features include working LED headlamps, pimped-out rims and disc-brakes, and “BI-TURBO” and “BI-FIRE” insignia on the bedsheet and fenders. Can beds get any better than this? I don’t think so.

Cutlery wrench set

Too many times I’ve looked at my own cutlery and said, “I want something better, more exciting… a cutlery wrench set. “Think about it this way: while you eat, you can quickly rush over to your classic car to fix an immediate problem without having to look for your tools!

Bumper couch

Yes. You can buy one. A variety of styles are available, either as the rear-end or front-end of a car, usually a classic, like this Cadillac couch pictured above. Some are fake, molded out of plastic or fibreglass, while others are actual severed back or front-ends of real cars – which, of course, are noticeably much more expensive. Makes you look twice at a couch, no?

USB Car key

Play meets practicality. Available in a variety of models from several companies, these little USB machines can be found at any local retail electronics store. Like the Mini pictured above, some are die-cast and even feature light-up LED headlamps!

Car mouse

Speaking of computer-car stuff, how about a mouse-car to go with your USB? Just like USB car keys, you can choose from a variety of makes and models to fit your fancy. Only problem is, you’ll be more tempted to play with it on your desk than do any actual work.

Racing desk chair

It’s rare you see “racing” and “desk” in the same sentence, but there you have it. This RECARO-style racing chair will keep you comfy and balanced in the corners… of your office.

“Ferrari” wrist watch

Costing oh-so-many-thousands of dollars, there’s no doubt this hand-built masterpiece is totally worth it. Apart from the fact that you see every single polished little gear move about inside the watch, the harmonious shape of an engine is strikingly obvious. As an added bonus to those with a more tuned mechanical eye, notice the exposed engine cam on the left…

Disc-brake coasters

When having a few friends over for a couple of drinks, it’s well worth the surprise. Made out of stainless-steel, these well crafted disc-brake coasters cleverly click back into the main hub, which is in the shape of a brake caliper. Car enthusiast or not, these are perhaps the most awesome coasters ever.

Throttle-body salt & pepper set

Very few, if any S&P sets are a work of art, let alone an automotive work of art. The set resembles a throttle-body, which, for those unfamiliar with car-talk, is the main part of the air-intake system of an engine. I’d put pepper and salt on everything just for the sake of using it…

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