The Impossible Project Launches New Polaroid Camera

The Impossible Project Launches New Polaroid Camera

In our fast-paced high tech fueled world there is always a need for nostalgia. New technology that hearkens back to the golden age of technology always seems to pull at our heartstrings and our wallets. I still recall my first ever camera when I was a child, like many of others of Generation X, it was a Polaroid. I managed to grow up in that era when Polaroid cameras and film were still being produced and everyone didn’t take photos on their smart phones. The Impossible Project is bringing it all back for today.

The Impossible Project was born in 2008 at that exact moment when Polaroid announced it would shut down all film production. The newly founded company decided to step in to keep the brand going but the task was more difficult than expected; all the original formulas had already been destroyed and the equipment dismantled. The Impossible Project’s goal was to do the impossible – to bring back Polaroid film. It took the company 8 years and the help of dozens of chemists, engineers and photographers to relaunch. Polaroid film is now back and the company is now introducing new cameras that use the ‘instant’ film.

The Impossible Project recently debuted its new I-1 Camera. The new camera could be called a revamp of the classic Polaroid instant format that manages to maintain the original instantaneous pleasure yet updates the camera’s technology for today. The I-1 model comes equipped with an advanced ring flash and auto-focus; a USB-rechargeable battery for longer life; and iOS app for creative tools and full manual control. The camera, of course, shoots on Impossible Project’s type 600 film but it also will work with Polaroid’s discontinued 600-type film.

The Impossible Project’s I-1 Camera launches May 10 for $299 USD. To find out more visit their website.

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