Instagram Gets Video Capability

Instagram gets video capability

Watch out Vine, you have some competition!

Facebook has announced a new feature to Instagram which lets users share 15 second videos.

Announced at a press event for Facebook on Thursday, this is an obvious extension by the photo sharing app, as the popularity of Twitter’s Vine grows rapidly. Vine was released in January and allows its users to upload short six second videos that can be shared on Twitter, Facebook, and throughout the web. This is where the new Instagram is different. In true Instagram form, you have a choice of 13 new filters exclusively for the new app. Unlike Vine, this particular service will be available on iOS and Android versions right away, and can be viewed on the web as well. There is no word if the video app will make it onto a Windows phone, as the two companies are in talks on how to make it work. It also won’t loop the video on an endless basis as the video will just run once.

Instagram has 100 million users, up from 20 million when Facebook bought the company more than a year ago.

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