Boston Pizza Unveils Ribs With ‘Ribneck’ Campaign

Boston Pizza unveils new ribs with 'Ribneck' marketing campaign (Screen capture: YouTube)

Earlier this week Boston Pizza launched a new marketing campaign to promote its new ribs. The slow-roasted pork back ribs are the centerpiece of Boston Pizza’s summer feature menu and Boston Pizza is hyping the new menu item with a hilarious marketing campaign featuring a cast of characters called “Ribnecks.”

Check out the 30-second “Meet The Ribnecks” commercial:

A related campaign features a 60-second online infomercial that addresses how messy eating ribs can be, and features campy T-shirts that come with a splattering of fake rib sauce all over them. The “Rib Stain Camo” tees are being sold at for $14.99, plus shipping and handling fees.

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