Android Users Can Now ‘Pay With Google’

Smartphone purchases just became a heck of a lot easier thanks to Google. The tech company’s latest invention is a new mobile payment system that will rid everyone of abandoned shopping carts. Aptly titled, “Pay With Google”, the brand new service slims your wallet by making a smarphone app your new home for rewards cards, loyalty cards, and of course, credit and debit cards.

“By clicking the Pay with Google button,” Google says, “customers can choose any payment method saved in their Google Account and check out almost instantly. Use the API on any mobile website in Chrome or in any Android app”. The new feature is ideal for smaller purchases when in a rush, and eliminates fumbling through a pockets or bags looking for the right method payment card. Instead of inserting plastic and entering your pin, Pay With Google will complete your purchase using a few simple taps.

Much like Apple’s rival pay service, Google says their own innovation will revolutionize the way we check out of shops, restaurants, and service depots. Thankfully, the tech giant also claims that the application will come armed with advanced security software, so you don’t have to worry about anyone taking advantage of your wireless wallet. As for retailers themselves, vendors are being promised more engaged customers thanks to Pay With Google’s sheer simplicity and seamless connections to things like rewards plans.

Pay With Google is now available at wherever contactless payments are accepted, and the function is free to install on your trusty smartphone. For more information on the app, read Google’s official literature here.

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