Celebrities You Should Follow On Vine

8 celebs you should follow on Vine? (Screencap: Vine)

Despite Instagram’s introduction of video, Vine is still trekking along. Twitter’s partnership with Vine will keep the momentum alive and with hilarious content from these celebrities and comedians – the content keeps us clicking and watching these 6-second videos on loop!

Vine has forced comedians to be super concise and delivering punch-lines with quick editing and lots of creativity. Some favourites include:

Jimmy Fallon

Lots of quick jokes, silly faces, and cool time-lapse videos! Jimmy likes to give his followers quick snaps of his life behind the scenes of his late night show. He doesn’t post as often as he used to, but hopefully we’ll see something new in the next little bit.

Tyra Banks

Beautiful and hilarious. Tyra continues to post new Vines and really shows her quirky sense of humor and involves her fans for video ideas and more. She’s crazy in a great way.

Tyler the Creator

6 seconds of Tyler being Tyler. He raps, sings, dances, and makes fun of his friends. What’s not to love?

Kate Upton

Even though she hasn’t posted anything recently, all her videos include little snapshots of her life. Whether its a party, her golf game or her latest outfit. 

Andy Milonakis

A Vine celebrity. He is easily a top 5 ‘viner’. His videos are weird and his personality is equal parts lovable, as it is hilariously insane.

Eric Stonestreet

This Modern Family star shows his amazing sense of humour. He posts regularly and you even get to see some great behind-the-scene Modern Family action!

Will Sasso

The former My Name is Earle star posts very regularly and does lots of bizarre impressions. It’s awesome. My favorite is his rendition of “I Will Always Love You”


I stumbled across this feed today and have watched through almost all of his videos in one sitting. This comedian does great Barack Obama impressions and is charmingly funny.

* And for a great bonus Vine. This is probably the best Vine ever posted. How did he even film this?

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