Snapchat Launches New and Improved Spectacles V2

Above: The brand new Spectacles are out now

Summer is finally upon us and social media juggernaut, Snapchat, is once again throwing its hat in the physical tech realm. Following the success of their debut invention, the ever-evolving company is ready to deliver an updated version of their popular eyewear piece, the Snapchat Spectacles.

The new version, aptly titled Spectacles V2, is a subtle but welcome improvement to the inaugural design and will be outfitted with a number of fresh features when it launches later this week. Perhaps the most noticeable part of the brand new design, are two bright new colourways.

Along with the traditional black model, buyers will also be able to pick up the Spectacles in an apple red and sky blue variant. The main aesthetic of the shades, however, remains very much the same — this is great news too, as the piece really gives off a modern classic feel.

What really matters, of course, is what’s under the hood and thankfully Snapchat knows this. For the Spectacles V2, developers have added better Wi-Fi ability, which allows for faster video transfers. Users will also be able to store roughly 70 HD on the device, and it’ll be able to Bluetooth sync both moving and still images.

Also on deck with the V2 is a new LED ring which lets everyone know when you’re recording. Finally, wearers will be able to swap out the Spectacle lenses in favour of their own prescriptions, which is fantastic news for streamlining the entire experience. To get a closer look at the update, watch a demonstration below courtesy of Snapchat’s YouTube channel.

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