We Tried It: Lincoln MKZ 2019

Lincoln-exclusive 3.0-liter GTDI V6 engine provides effortless performance on the new 2017 Lincoln MKZ.

We can see you rolling your eyes already. Yes, you probably think of Lincoln as an ‘older’ man’s car; something your grandfather used to drive. Well if your granddad drives the MKZ, he’s pretty f-ing cool in our books.  The 2019 Lincoln MKZ has a sleek exterior that reminds us of higher priced luxury vehicles (dare we say a Jaquar?). But don’t be fooled by quiet luxury approach to design, because there is also a beast lurking under it’s hood. Over the past few years, the MKZ received a major engine upgrade: a new line-topping 3.0-liter twin-turbo V-6 that churns out 400 hp and 400 lb-ft of torque with all-wheel drive and 350 hp for front-drive versions. That’s right, this whip knows how to whip it good.

The exclusive-to-Lincoln engine is a welcome addition to the brand—strong, refined, and with a fierce bellow at full throttle. This baby knows how to perform. Get it just right, and the sedan will run to 60 mph in roughly 5.2 seconds. Where the MKZ really excels is on the open highway. Here, the Lincoln feels much more solid than its competitors, with a remarkably quiet cabin. When we took this sedan out for its paces; it handled the corners well and had no problem passing on hills. In the city, it was nimble and agile enough to navigate any of life’s detours. Meanwhile, the engine stayed hushed yet eager to keep pace at triple-digit speeds.

In addition to a supped up engine, the 2019 MKZ sports a sleek look that embodies luxury. The MKZ comes with all the bells and whistles you would expect from a higher priced car, including: retractable panoramic glass roof, approach detection, driver assist and drive park assists. But what we really love about this baby is the Revel audio that will keep your bass line pumping as you cruise down the highway. Unique to Lincoln, you will also be pleasantly surprised by the night time welcome mat as you approach the car and the Lincoln app which can control many of the cars features. Further, the buttery high end leather interior will impress anyone who joins you for a ride.

The Lincoln MKZ starts at $46,250 which is below many other luxury vehicles in its class.


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